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geistreich Terms of Use and Participation between "geistreich", Rolla & Rolla GbR, Ostenbergstrasse 7, 44225 Dortmund and the participant, the following is agreed:

§ 1 Subject matter of the contract
hereinafter referred to as "geistreich" - here inafter referred to as "users" - jointly referred to as "parties".

1 These general terms and conditions of use and participation apply to all services offered on the website " and,".

  1. by using the services offered here, the user accepts these terms of use and participation.

§2 Services offers extensive access to information about art and painting. Online courses with paid content such as videos are available. The content is constantly being added to and developed further.

Access to these services is restricted by technical procedures and devices ("conditional access system") (§ 3). For this purpose, an access consisting of access name and password ("Account") is created and made available.

Unregistered users do not have access to the posted content. Only registered users can use the commentary function and access the films. Only by purchasing it is possible to get unlimited access to a video.

§ 3 Registration, passwords, use
For the use of witty, the user agrees to make truthful, current at registration. This registration data must be updated so that it represents the current status at all times. If any of the information appears or should be untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, the user is entitled to suspend the right of use temporarily or permanently, to delete it at present and to exclude it in the future (virtual house right, termination for good cause).

geistreich documents the use of geistreich by storing cookies and access names to improve the offer and to protect it from misuse. In the event of suspicion of a criminal offence, we reserve the right to pass on this data to the investigating authorities within the scope of what is legally permissible.

Abusive use includes, among other things, passing on the access name and/or password to other persons. The witty access authorization is a highly personal right. If the User's account is used by other persons (third parties), geistreich has the right to terminate the contract without notice (§ 8.3).

In this case claims for damages are reserved. Should the user have reason to believe that his access is being misused, for example because someone has the password, he undertakes to inform us of this ingeniously without delay.

geistreich reserves the right to limit the number of times films can be accessed and to remove films from the offer temporarily or permanently.

§ 4 Foreign contents
As a user of geistreich the user has the possibility to publish content in his profile, comments, ratings and in the forum.

The user is responsible for this content to ensure that it does not constitute advertising or spam, that it is neither insulting or harassing, nor pornographic, vulgar, harmful to minors, Nazi, racist or otherwise illegal or reprehensible or content, that it does not impede the service of geistreich or its use (viruses, script injections, Trojans, hacking, etc.). they do not infringe the rights of third parties such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets or other property rights, and that the user has the right to publish them, they do not link to any content that falls under the above categories.

Violations of this will result in exclusion from the use of geistreich. We reserve the right to take additional legal action against the aforementioned violations.

By posting content, the user grants geistreich the right to digital use, in particular to reproduce, distribute and make available, as well as to edit or delete content, in particular, but not only, if it is of a legally questionable nature.

In the event of infringement of license, competition, image, copyright or other rights of third parties, the User shall wittily indemnify and hold harmless all claims asserted against wittily by such third parties (cf. § 5.6) and undertakes to wittily provide full support in defending such claims, in particular by providing information and evidence on sources and rights. There is no remuneration for the publication of the user's contributions, unless it has been agreed in advance with witty in writing. Should the user ever completely log off from geistreich, his contributions will be published on de

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